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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. What is an anode?

An anode is simply a rod made of a special type of metal. It is installed inside the tank so that it is immersed in the water. The illustration shows a typical arrangement in a gas system.

2. Why is the anode there?

The anode's job is to attract corrosion to itself, to protect the tank.  It is a sacrificial item - this means it is designed to be consumed in the course of doing its job.

3. How long does an anode last?

The original anode usually lasts about 4 years. Anode life depends on a number of things, one being the quality of the water in your area. The "hardness" of Perth's water has been increasing for many years, and this can cause anodes to be consumed more quickly.  Remember, we can do an obligation-free inspection, at NO cost to you.

4.  How often should the anode be checked?

For systems with one anode (that's most of them), we recommend inspection 4 years after installation, then every 3 years after that.  Some systems have dual anodes - for these we recommend inspection 8 years after installation, then every 6 years after that.

5. How do I know if my system has 1 or 2 anodes?

Click here for a list of systems we know about. We have seen most types of system, and this list is being added to all the time.

6. How can I tell how old my hot water system is?

Most systems have their date of manufacture stamped on them. It will usually be on a metal plate or a sticker, which may be attached on the side or back, or may be on the inside of the removable panel that covers the pilot-light and thermostat controls. Below are pictures of some typical installations.

On this system, the information is on the inside of the panel covering the controls. At right, you can see that the system was manufactured in July 2002.
An example of data on a sticker near the top of the tank. System made in January 2001.
Another one with a sticker up near the top of the tank. System made in December 2002.

7. My hot water system has limited space around it. Can the anode be replaced?

Yes.  Typically we need a little space above the tank so that we can remove the old anode. Our replacement anodes are a flexible type which can be fed into the tank in sections.

8. What will anode replacement cost for my system?

Our pricing structure is simple and is based on the system's water capacity. Click here for pricing.

9. Can you remind me when my anode needs inspection?

Yes. We keep all customer details, and send out a reminder letter when your next anode inspection is due.

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